We are located in one of the most privileged places in the world. We have exclusive areas for camping and also places with unique activities. All the amenities that are needed for a great experience are close and safe.


All the campsites are safe, they have 24 hours a day surveillance and the staff is trained to perform the activities according to international standards.

Activities of another level

The activities we do are special thanks to the amazing places we have in the camp. They are activities of a higher level and that they will not be able to experience elsewhere.


Our staff receives intensive and continuous training. In addition, members are carefully selected to be role models for campers.


By having personnel from different parts of the world, the cultural richness of our work team makes a more enriching experience for the campers.

Parent Experience Camp Too

Parents can experience the camp together with their children thanks to the photographic material that we share privately on our online platform. Our goal is for campers to have fun while parents are reassured for their safety.


We have alliances with the best eco-parks of the Riviera Maya to be able to guarantee the best places and the best activities for our campers.