We know that a great camp depends on having a great staff. It is extremely important to train each member and give them the opportunity to impact the lives of the campers. Many people ask us what we look for in a person to hire them and the answer is always that they have a vocation to help children and young people to grow fully. In addition, we look for people with integrity and commitment, with the best attitude and who know about Caribbean Adventure I.C.A.R.E.

Our camp directors recruit university counselors internationally in search of the best role models for campers. From hundreds of applications a select group is chosen, some of which went to heaters during their childhood. Each one is interviewed carefully, their references are verified and their background is investigated.

Each one of the selected members goes through a meticulous training process in which they will learn about camp activities, safety, pedagogy, and human development. Counselors are prepared for group management, crisis management, and problem-solving.