Parents frequently asked questions

How much time should I send my children to camp?

Like many of life’s best things, camp takes time. We can tell you confidently that the longer you camp, the better experience it will be. Building trust in a new environment doesn’t happen overnight, and longer terms give children more time for independence, self- esteem and more rewarding camp experience. This can be confirmed by many of our camp families.

In other words, we offer two and four week sessions because we want you to choose the length of your session that is best for your family. Most of our two week sessions are for 4th grade or younger campers. One week of camping is a great way for your child to get away from home and gain independence. However, we believe that most campers are ready for a longer session after graduation in the 4th grade. Staying in camp for more than a week offers real opportunities for growth after the acclimatization of your camper. Longer summer camp sessions really make it possible to develop a tight community with which campers feel deeply connected and feel they are a member and a member.

What is the role of the director?

The camp director is the camp leader. He / she is ultimately responsible for the safety of our campers and the quality of our programming and is the leading contact in the partnership of the camp with parents to raise children.

What is our camper to counselor ratio?

We strive to provide your child with the best possible experience. Although we have a very high average ratio of 10:1 camper to counselor, we vary the ratio to the age of the campers.

Who will take care of my child if they are injured?

We always have camp nurses. Full-time nurses and extra student nurses live on campsite and are always available for bumps, bruises, scrapes or anything else that might require their attention. We have doctors who come to serve those who might need extra medical attention every other day. They are fully trained and provide your children with professional care, just as everyone at Camp Caribbean Adventure expects.

Will my child's counselor be able to handle...?

If you have not noticed already, Steve Sir, our Camp Geek, loves education and is ready. Camp Caribbean Adventure has an industry best-in-class training program. Our training is not only one of the longest courses, but also deeply influences many physical and emotional safety issues. Each counselor must attend our intensive training every year before the campers arrive.

What if my child sleepwalks?

Campers sleepwalk sometimes. We understand the concern of some parents with children and sleepwalking in the camp. Our counselors are always looking for sleepwalking and are trained how best to deal with this situation if it arises. If your child walks often to sleep and you want to ask them to be in the bottom bunk, this can be arranged. Just let us know about this.

How do you handle bed wetting?

We know that bed wetting is a difficult problem for campers who are struggling with it. We will collaborate with campers to help them overcome their concerns. Counselors work hard to avoid wetting a big deal in front of other campers. If it happens, we will wash the sheets, replace them and move on with the rest of the day.

Do you accomodate dairy allergies?

If your child has a milk allergy, please let us know in your camp application or call the camp office. We have food options for people with milk allergies and can meet these needs.

How do you handle gluten allergies?

Please indicate this in your camp application if your child has gluten allergies, or call the camp office to let us know. We have food options for anyone with a gluten allergy and can take these needs into account.

How do you accomodate children with allergies?

Your children’s safety is our first priority. We must know allergies that your child has. Please provide these details on your application and provide as specific information as possible so that we can be as prepared to accommodate the allergy of your camper as possible.

Can my child attend camp if he or she has ADD or ADHD?

Many children are on prescription ADD or ADHD medication here at the camp. We treat this medicine as if it were another medical treatment for campers. Please inform your application of any medication requirements and provide them to the nursing staff upon arrival. Under the supervision of camp nurses, we will distribute the medicine from the Ill Eagles Nest.

Will my child be able to take his or her medication?

Absolutely. Parents must report all medicines and dosage information to the nursing office. The drugs are never kept in cabins! Campers will have time to report their medication to the nest of the Ill Eagle on a daily basis. Report all medicines to us. This helps keep all campers safe. It’s NOT time to experiment with new medicines or put your child on a ” drug holiday. ” A successful term in camp starts with consistent drugs.

Do you allow iPods, phones, or video games?

Apart from the camp, the average American teenager spends on average more than 53 hours a week in front of an electronic monitor. We believe in teaching children how to be extraordinary without being connected to electronic screens, so iPods, phones or video games are not allowed. This policy gives children the gift of a technology-free environment— a place where campers, advisors, and directors are fully present, transporting them to a place where we can forge life- long relationships.

How do campers get to the camp?

Airplane — Campers can fly to Cancun and the camp is going to pick up the airport. Contact the camp so that we can arrange the pick up of your child on arrival.

What should I pack?

Check out the packing list here!

How are cabin assignments made?

We place campers in cabins on the basis of a range of factors. Our goal is to create a dynamic cabin with different backgrounds, skills and experiences for campers. We try to match cabins with children about the same age, so that they are emotionally and physically at the same maturity level. Campers may apply for a cabin mate( or request that someone not be in their cabin). A cabin mat is stronger when both parties request each other. An anti- cabin application will replace cabin mate requests.

Is there a way to see what's going on at camp?

We provide you a password for accesses to our web platform where you can see pictures of camp development.

Can I call or visit?

One of the most significant elements of the camp experience is learning independence. It’s hard to be apart, however, kids adjust to camp life much more easily if they don’t hear or see mom & dad while they’re at camp. If a camper is homesick, hearing a parent’s voice can intensify sad feelings. Therefore, we do not have campers talk to parents on the phone, and we don’t have parent visiting days until the last day of camp.

How will I know if my child is thriving at camp?

While your child is at Camp Caribbean Adventure, we remain in contact with you. During the first week of his or her stay, you will receive a call from one of your child’s advisors to let you know how he or she is doing. If there is a problem, we will contact you immediately. We invite you to call us at any time to check your child’s performance. We know that it can be harder for parents to send a child to camp than for the camper! We would like to work with you to ensure that your child has the best possible experience!

Can I send packages?

Packages are not allowed to be sent to camp. We believe that many parents appreciate this policy because there is no need to ” compete” to send sufficient packages. For birthday packages, we make an exception. Birthdays come only once a year, and many children love to celebrate in the camp. Packages for birthdays should be clearly marked and delivered on the big day. Finally, if your camper has forgotten something critical from the packaging list( such as horse jeans or a bathing suit), call us and we’ll help you get this item to your camper.

Will I get any news or pictures from camp?

Our online software keeps you in touch with what happens in the camp and no strings are attached to it! Photos, items and more while your camper is almost like camping with your child!

What about a camp uniform?

Each camper gets a pair of shorts and two t-shirts. They are mainly used by campers for yearbook photos and special events. They look great, and at home they’re fun too!

How is laundry handled?

We send every camper’s laundry to our laundry service once a week. The clothes are washed, dried, folded and later that day returned. Always get items mixed up? Sometimes, but most of the time the laundry service we use is exceptional. Any mixtures that occur are easily fixed if campers have their names marked in their clothes, so we appreciate our parents ‘ efforts to do this.

New campers questions

What do we do during the day?

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What do we do at night?

Evening fun is tons of fun! From dances to film nights to big group games and parties, evening activities are a great way to end the day. In order to finish every day, the boys in the camp meet at the Coliseum and the girls in the Forum for our Torchlight ceremony. Torchlight is a time of singing, songs and goodies. At every flashlight, we honor the flashlight of the day, the excellent camper in the camp. You can earn the highest honor at the Camp Caribbean Adventure.

What are the cabins like?

The best part of the camp is cabins! Have you ever been with one of your best friends for a really fun sleep? It’s essentially like being in a cabin, but with 11 of your best friends for a longer time! Each cabin has 8- 12 campers of the same age and 2- 3 counselors everywhere. Everyone has a trunk, a top or bottom bunk to make his own and personal space in front of his bunk. Each cabin has 2 fans to keep it cool, and a space in the middle to play games( cards, cabin pickleball and four- square to name a few) or just hang out with your cabin mates.

Who will my counselors be?

We can’t tell you who your advisors will be before you go to camp, but we can tell you that we’re traveling around the world and looking far and wide to find advisors who want to spend their summer at camp because they hang out with children like you! They are college- age people who are excited, enjoyable and want to meet you. It’s like taking care of you with a cool older brother or sister!

What are my responsibilities when I'm at camp?

” I have duties in the camp?” you might ask yourself, and the answer is yes, yes you do! We ask all our campers here to perform certain tasks so that everything can run smoothly. These tasks include collecting your items at meal times, cleaning up your items in the cabin for inspection, showing up and taking part in all activities and following all the rules we have in the camp.

What’s the food like?

You’re going to love camp food! Is it like cooking at home? Well, perhaps not like home, but close. From waffles, eggs, breakfast pancakes to pizza food, chicken fingers, maize dogs and spaghetti for lunch and dinner. We always have fresh fruit and a lunch and dinner salad bar.

Who should I talk to if I have a problem?

If you have any kind of problem at the camp, you have to talk to your counselors. You are trained to deal with difficult situations and you want to help. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your advisors about a problem that you have in the camp( or outside the camp), you can always talk to a division leader or a director and they will help you. We can’t fix it if we don’t know you’re struggling with anything!

Can I choose my own activities?

Older campers( Lettermen and Midis) choose their daily activities from a variety of activities in the departments of Fine Arts, Sport and Outdoors. We allocate special times for water skiing, free swimming, sailing, swimming pool and activities. Younger campers, the Rookie and Mini divisions, have a pre- set schedule of activities with their cabins.

Do I have to be a certain age to do certain activities?

All the activities are adapted to the age of the different groups, so depending on your age the program will be ideal to give you the best experience and fun.

Can I bring food, my phone, money, etc.?

No. You can not bring ANY electronics( iPads, iTouches, computers, electronic gaming systems, Kindles, walkie- talkies, etc.), cell phones, digital cameras, money, food( no candy, gum, etc.) or safety hazards( use common sense for other questionable items such as pocket knives, fireworks or other items that pose a risk to safety). The only exception is that you can bring personal music systems like a mp3 player and iPods without video capabilities. Please note that we are not responsible for any electronic equipment lost, damaged or stolen. Thank you. Thank you!

If I come to camp with a friend, can we be in the same cabin?

We group cabins by the campers ‘ ages and ranks. You can ask for 1 cabin buddy and we will do our best to satisfy your request. If the cabin mate you are requesting is two or three degrees ahead of you, we can not put you together- the age difference is just too great. But if your friend is around the same age and you both ask to be together, you’re going to live in the same cabin!

Is it OK if I'm nervous about coming to camp?

Yes of course! Everybody is a little nervous about coming to camp, even returners. Once you get to camp you will realize that everyone wants you to feel comfortable and have a good time and your nervousness will melt away. Your cabin mates, counselors, division leaders and directors are all on your team and ready to make you feel at home at a moment’s notice.